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Styles of Poly Glider

There are 4 main styles of poly glider to choose from:

1. Swivel Gliders - Our single-person swivel glider, is a glider chair that both
rocks, swivels and spins! It turns around in a full 360 degrees! 

2. Adirondack Gliders - feature the popular adirondack design

3. Rollback Gliders - feature a comfortable rollback back rest

4. Highback Gliders - features high back classic styling

Sizes of Poly Glider

There are 3 main sizes of poly glider to choose from:

1. 2ft Gliders - Seats 1 person

2. 4ft Gliders – Seats 2 persons

3. 5ft Gliders – Seats 3 persons


Our poly furniture comes with a residential limited lifetime warranty (t&c's apply). We doubt you will have to use your warranty, but it's there for peace of mind when you make a purchase and to protect your investment in your piece of furniture.

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Poly Glider Accessories

To get maximum enjoyment from your gliders, we offer a wide
range of accessories for your gliders. Why not add cupholders, cushions, a side
table, or a footrest for ultimate comfort ?

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