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Breezesta Outdoor Furniture

Browse our selection of Breezesta Furniture here. Breezesta is popular for their catalog of colors and customization options. For Breezeta Chairs and rockers there are two-tone color options where you can select the color of the frame and color of the slats.

Where is Breezesta Furniture Made ?

Breezesta furniture is manufacturerd in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

How to care for Breezesta Furniture

Breezesta poly lumber is durable and virtually maintenance-free. It will never need to be painted or sealed because it will never stain or rot. It cleans up easily with a water hose or with a soft-bristled brush and a mild cleanser. High-pressure washers (with no more than 1,500 psi) can also be used when necessary.

All Weather Furniture

Breezesta furniture is made to withstand all weather conditions and can even be used in coastal areas at seaside homes where there is wind, salt, and sand.