Custom Carolina - Installation Instructions

1. Insert 1 eye bolt into the 4 pre-drilled holes located on the bottom outside corners of the Hanging Bed.  ** Screw eyebolts into bed only until the threads are covered, leaving about an inch of the eyebolt out of the bed**

2.  Each Eye bolt from the ceiling should line up directly with each eyebolt located on the Hanging Bed. Please Measure and Mark the ceiling where each eyebolt will need to be placed. Insert each eyebolt into the properly marked position in the ceiling to suspend the rope (eyebolts should be flush to the ceiling). Once the eyebolts are in place and secure move onto step 3.

 **Please be sure the structure is sound and capable of supporting the weight of the bed and occupants.**

3. Place each shackle through the top pre-woven loop of each rope and secure each one through an eye bolt in the ceiling.

4. Move the Hanging Bed to the location where it will be suspended from the ceiling.  Raise the hanging bed to the desired height typically between 18”and 22” from floor to the top of the mattress. Please make sure the proper support is under the Hanging Bed (example: saw horses) before moving onto step 5.

5. Pull ropes down tightly  placing  rope through each  eye bolt located on the bottom of the  Hanging Bed frame, tie a single knot underneath each eyebolt  and fray the rope at the bottom OR  tie your own knot just make sure the knot is underneath the eyebolt for support.

6. Insert wooden plugs into screw holes using rubber mallet.

7. Please make sure your new Hanging Bed is level and secure before use.