What is Poly Furniture ?

What is Poly Furniture ?

What is Poly Furniture ?What is Poly ?

Poly furniture is made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) sometimes referred to as poly lumber. This poly material is constructed from post-consumer waste such milk bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles, cartons etc.  It goes through a decontamination process, and the finished result is a product that contains over 90% recycled plastic by weight. Poly material is a popular alternative material to wood when manufacturing outdoor furniture.

               " It's not just ordinary plastic furniture"

Although poly furniture is made from plastic, it’s not like your typical plastic yard furniture which fades and cracks easily. Everyday plastic patio furniture such as plastic patio chairs are lightweight, can blow away with the wind and break easily. However furniture made from poly (hdpe) is heavy and structurally sound, a poly chair can weigh 30-50 llbs.

Poly (hdpe) material has several exceptional qualities. It is not porous and does not absorb moisture,  so it will not rot, splinter, or crack. Poly products also have excellent weathering resistance and are not prone to common problems caused by rain and humidity such as swelling, shrinking or rotting. It’s also treated with a UV agent to resist the suns rays so it does not fade. 

Benefits of Poly Furniture

Benefits of Poly Furniture

  • Weather Resistant

Poly plastic furntiure is extremely durable and resistant to the elements. It is resistant to sun, rain, sleet, snow, wind, saltwater, chlorine and mildew. It can be left outside in the summer and winter without any adverse effects. Whereas furniture made from wood tends to rot and warp over time, and metal is prone to rust.

  • Durable Lifetime Furniture

Poly furniture is structurally sound and lasts a long time, whereas furniture made from wood tends to rot and warp over time. Poly furniture retains its condition. Although poly furniture products have a higher initial cost, over time this outlay it is worth the investment, as these items won’t deteriorate and won’t need replacing.

  • Low Maintenance

Poly furniture is low maintenance and easy to care for; it requires no special coatings, sanding or staining. It does not require hazardous chemical treatments to maintain its durability. Poly only needs to be cleaned occasionally with soap and water

  • Resistant and Non-Porous

Poly is resistant to corrosive substances, oil and fuels, and salt sprays; since plastic does not absorb moisture, furniture made from poly will not rot, splinter, or crack
    • Insect Resistant

    Poly furniture is insect resistant. You won’t have to worry about bugs eating away and damaging your furniture.

    • Large color options

    Poly comes in a rainbow of color options, so there will always be color option to suit your taste and furnishing plans. Two-tone color options are also available, for example, an adirondack chair which features brown slats with a black frame

    • Heavy and Strong

    Poly chairs have more weight than cheap, plastic ones so they will not blow away in strong winds.
    • Eco - Friendly

    Then there is the obvious environmental benefits of poly furniture. By using recycled plastic it helps to keeps plastic out of the landfills and the sea. Amish Poly brands are made in the USA and their carbon footprint is very low. Compared to wooden furniture, no trees have to be cut down.

    Types of Poly Furniture

    There is a huge range of poly furniture available on the market. Just about any outdoor or patio furniture item you can think of, can be made out of Poly. Poly furniture items include:

    • Deck chairs
    • Swings
    • Benches
    • Gliders and Rockers
    • Dining Tables and chairs

    A range of different styles are available, Poly Adirondack furniture is a popular style, for its comfort and design. Poly Adirondack chairs have a seat that is higher at the front than at the back which puts less pressure on your back and makes it comfortable to sit in for long periods. Some Adirondack chairs also rock and swivel –  ultimate comfort and relaxation !

    Amish Poly

    There are plenty of poly (recycled plastic) furniture manufactures on the market today.  Poly furniture produced by the Amish is a popular choice today for various reasons. Firstly, the Amish are renown for their skilled craftsmanship - traditionally they worked with wood, however nowadays they are just as skillled at producing poly products as well. Secondly, Amish poly is made in the USA which means it has a low carbon footprint and is a great way to support the domestic US economy. Amish Poly manufacturers can mainly be found in Ohio, Pennsylvania but ship across the US.

    Cleaning and Poly Furniture Maintenance

    Simply wipe down with a clean cloth, using a mixure of mild detergent and water, and then rinse. A soft brush can be used for any debris or dirt  caught in the grains. However do not use harsh chemicals (such as bleach, acetone or other solvents) on your poly furniture as this may damage the condition and color fo the poly.

    Poly Furniture Brands

    Below is a comprehensive list of poly furniture (recycled plastic) outdoor furniture manufacturers

    Poly Furniture - FAQS

    Poly Furniture FAQs

    Q. Does Poly Furniture Fade ?

    No, one of the great qualities of poly material is that it contains UV-inhibitors to resist sun rays, therefore there is minimal color change.

    Q. How much does Poly Furniture cost ?

    The prices of poly furniture can vary depending on the size and type, for example whether you’re buying a glider or swing, but generally poly furniture is at the higher end of the price range compared to other furniture types such as wood. This is because poly furniture is built to last, so although the initial price is higher it will prove an investment in the long run. Unlike other outdoor furniture which will need replacing after a few years due to wear and tear, poly furniture retains its condition and stands the test of time. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely applies to poly furniture.

    Q. Do I need to store my Furniture in the winter?

    No you don’t. Poly furniture is designed so that it can be left outside year round, winter, spring and summer.

    Q. Can this be used as pool furniture ?

    Yes, as poly furniture stands up to chlorine it is suitable to be used as pool furniture. Whilst we do not recommend submersing your furniture in water, a light spray of pool water will be ok.



    Poly outdoor furniture is an ideal choice if you’re looking for furniture that is durable, low maintenance, and will stand the test of time. You won’t have to worry about leaving it outside year round, because it’s strong enough to withstand extreme environmental conditions from the heat of Arizona to the snow of Minnesota. It’s also a suitable choice if you’re living in coastal areas or as pool furniture as poly withstands chlorine and a salt weather conditions.

    Compared to other outdoor furniture types such as wooden, metal, rattan or wicker furniture, poly furniture is the most weather resistant and therefore lasts the longest. This makes poly furniture an ideal outdoor furniture choice and one that never disappoints.

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